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    Can my professor trace my location?

    Only for homework that can be graded, IP addresses can’t be traced. Your professor will not be in a position to trace your location even with many students coming together in an estate to work as a group.

    How do I print MyMathLab homework?

    First, click on the case question, on pop up, click the print button, then choose to print the whole assignment.

    How do you cheat on MyMathLab 2020?

    Are you stuck between a rock and a hard surface? Are you having it hard to do your assignments? The open truth is that it is difficult to cheat on MyMathLab. The system is never open to cheating. You may think you were about to get asylum but that is not the case because the questions given are many and they keep changing. The addition of questions by Pearson keeps changing the probability of predicting the questions. MyMathLab discourages academic dishonest at all costs.

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    Pearson and mastering have anti-cheating features that help to curb cheating. Pearson has the duty of finding sites that give answers to online questions, have them face it rough, and put them off. They also have a track record of the date and time every answer a student submits. This acts as evidence to students who later come to make false claims on doing the assignments. It is the very software that makes a comparison in the time of submission to know the ghost students.

    How do you enter answers on MyMathLab?

    On hitting the first question, you will find that it is a multiple choice. Choose your answer for example b, which turns blue then hit okay. For the next question, hit the down arrow that will give you options to choose from. Make your choice and move to the next question if you get it correct. You only have one chance for every question. You get it wrong; you will have to redo it until you get it correct. There is always a pamphlet to help you if need be. You will keep doing that to the end.

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